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the keto diet is very healthy

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The dietary guidelines, prescribed by most dietitians since the 1970s have led to a multitude of metabolic and chronic conditions. The professional diet guidelines are based on the mass consumption of processed foods. The cases of chronic diseases such as diabetes 2, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, obesity, etc. have risen simultaneously with the mass consumption of processed foods and the decrease of physical activity.
We think it is time for a REBOOT!

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A delicious way of eating with a focus on unprocessed and organic whole food, no calorie counting, no packages or bags, no hunger, but tasty and real food to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function healthily. [Read more…]

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Delicious keto pumpkin mash

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Fresh keto meatballs

Keto Albóndigas

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keto basics

Spicy Keto Guacomole

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Ceto bizcocho delicioso

Ceto Coconut & Lemon bizcocho

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healthy and delicious appetizer

Health Hopper Mocktail

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easy pancake recipe

Easy Keto Pancakes

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fresh tomatoes

Simple Tomato Sauce

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delicious breakfast bowl

Mct & Peanutbutter Keto Crunchy

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Berry mocktail

Easy to make berry-mocktail Since the beginning of this year, I am really slowing down with alcohol. Spring is causing m ...

What is Keto Coaching?

Personal guidance tailored to your needs with a plan perfectly suited to your body, 

your personality, family situation, and the goals you want to achieve.

No searching, no complicated calculations of macros,  just a

personal action plan with the support you need.

Together we look for a plan that works for you!

The personal plan you can handle!

Tailormade approach

a plan you can handleA plan adjusted to your body, your family and work situation, adapted to your needs and your wishes because you are one of a kind!

Aiming for your goal

aiming for a goalTogether we set your goal and map out the ideal path.

Our support will help you make the finish!

Certified Coach

coach with a diplomaCertified nutritionist

Certified Dr Berg Coach

Coaching in English-Dutch-French-Spanish

Online Coaching

online supportOnline coaching offers you the opportunity to communicate with your coach anywhere.

Online coaching is possible for individuals or in a group.

Coaching face to face

a plan you can handleLive coaching is possible local in the Marbella- Estepona area.

Live coaching can be done individually or in small groups.

Successful formula

successtoryBy choosing for coaching, you choose for support. You also choose a way of accountability and extra motivation to achieve your goal.
Many people have proven it before you, now it is up to you!

About your Coach

Tania, the coach

Ten years ago, I had my first combat with cancer. That is when I had my first encounter with an orthomolecular doctor. That is where I started to change my food habits drastically, and where I developed a huge passion for real & natural food.

Under the supervision of an expert, I learned, that low carb was not enough to be healthy… I would also need fat…healthy fat. And here was how I was introduced to the ketogenic & pure-food-diet.

Certified nutritionist

Certified Dr. Berg Coach

Coaching in English-Dutch-French-Spanish

Many coaching projects for both beginner as advanced level.

Various coaching options – One-on-one / family / group – Personalized step-by-step plan

Weekly / monthly evaluation – Adjustments where necessary

Non-stop support and online support

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