Massage, you know you knead it…

massage benefits

Benefits of a good massage

Everyone knows that having a massage is very relaxing, but there are lot of people who don’t know exactly how good a regular massage could be for improving their health.

Increase of blood and lymph circulation

Massage increases blood and lymph circulation. This is where massage has a huge advantage. Massage can dramatically aid lymph movement, which together, with blood, provides nutrients and oxygen flushing out toxins. In saying that the massage will help you improve your immune system feeling rejuvenated and strong to get on with your life.

Mens sano in corpore sano

Massage helps keep the body and mind functioning optimally by promoting well nourished and healthy skin, improving circulation of blood and lymph, improving immune system functioning, energy flow, enhancing general relaxation, reducing muscular tension and associated discomfort, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, increasing feelings of well-being, enhancing flexibility and strength, increasing range of motion in joints and reducing discomfort from arthritis.

More benefits of massage

*Increase the blood’s oxygen capacity by 15%
*Help loosen contracted, shortened muscles and stimulate the weak ones, this *can help posture and promote more efficient movement
*Aid recovery from exercise
*Increase metabolism
*Balance the nervous system

If you want to learn more about all these benefits, book your massage at Helen Malone and experience this wellness treatment

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