Benefits of gellack

gel lack

Benefits of gel lack

  • Long Lasting :  Soak-off gel nails last for about 2 or 3 weeks, and that’s without chipping, s they always look like they were just done!
  • Dry Time Using the UV light means that the gel polish dries in minutes. Forget those troublesome smudges, dents, and waiting forever!
  • Not As Damaging- Soak-off gels don’t require hurtful and damaging drills and extensive filing.
  • Easy Temporary Polish Change- Need to change the color of your nails for the night to match your dress? No problem at all. Just use traditional nail polish and paint on your gel nails. Remove the color when you are ready with a non-acetone remover.
  • Removal Process. It’s easy to remove soak-off gel nails by using acetone. A bit of further filing after may or may not be required to finish up.
  • No Strong Smell- If you have ever had acrylic nails, then you know the smell I’m talking about.
  • Works Like Traditional Polish- They are as easy to apply as regular nail polish, plus they have all the above advantages.

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