DIY Raw Honey Mask Recipe

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Discover this DIY raw honey mask recipe I love using

This DIY raw honey mask is regenerating, heals the skin, calms down inflammation, works moisturising and makes the skin look smooth, plump and youthful. Raw honey is natural raw honey that was not heated over 48 degrees Celsius or 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY Honey mask recipe

Fancy products that contain a lot of toxic chemicals aren’t necessarily better, so sometimes it is best to look back to the basics.
For instance, natural raw honey.
This DIY raw honey mask recipe is safe for many skin types
Raw honey is in general safe to use for everyone (unless you have an allergy to bees, in which case it should be avoided) and can be used on sensitive, inflamed, acne-prone, dry, oily and mature skin. It can also be used to help heal from eczema and rosacea-prone skin

Ingredients for this raw honey mask recipe

• 1 tbsp of raw honey
• 1 tsp of royal jelly
• Add in optional ingredients based on skin type

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