Soothing essential oils hair recipe

soothing essential oils

Soothing essential oils hair recipe I truly love

On top of nourishing your hair and scalp, this soothing essential oil hair recipe provides a deeply relaxing wellness atmosphere. Create a mild and soothing blend to calm down inflammation and itchiness and make your hair super soft, silky and manageable

Essential oils I like to use for this soothing hair recipe

Clary Sage — Sweet Marjoram — Chamomile Roman — Lavender — Rosewood — Petitgrain — Ho wood — Bergamot — Vetiver — Frankincense
Geranium — Rose Otto — Neroli — Jasmine — Cedarwood atlas — Sandalwood

Ingredients for this soothing essential oil hair recipe

• Clary Sage — 2 drops
Lavender — 6 drops
• Frankincense -1 drop
• Petitgrain — 5 drops
• Chamomile Roman — 1 drop
• Bergamot — 2 drops
• Carrier oils such as castor, broccoli seed oil, emu oil, argan, jojoba, or rosehip oil

Do you want to see the method for this recipe?

Healthy kisses #sandrabloom

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