delicious shrimp recipes

How to marinate prawns ?

How to marinate prawns : 3 tasty keto-proof-recipes Marinated shrimp is terribly tasty and is an ideal healthy tapa for the holidays. On a skewer on the barbecue, in the...

is alcohol ok pursuing a keto lifestyle?

What about alcohol?

What about alcohol? It is kinda possible to enjoy alcohol when persuing a ketogenic lifestyle. Although alcohol is often classified as the fourth macronutrient, it is not essential to survive,...

coconut health benefits

Keep calm and have some coconut

What about coconuts? Mother Nature is incredibly generous in the way she provides - offering a bounty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to nourish your...

kick off junkfood

The junk-food-blues

The junk food blues There is no reason left to be eating fast food. For those of you who always knew that fast food wasn’t healthy but ate it anyway because...

how low grade infllammation leads to chronic disease

Low grade inflammation & chronic disease

What is low-grade inflammation? Low-grade inflammation is a mild inflammation that is hardly detectable in the blood. With a low-grade inflammation, the immune system is continuously slightly activated. It is...

healthy keto foods to feed your brain and body

Keto pantry essentials

I would have loved this keto pantry essentials list when I started keto Some Keto pantry essentials are necessary to succeed in living the ketogenic life. Here is a list...

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