20 easy ways to lose weight naturally


Fitness or fatness? Discover 20 simple ways to lose weight naturally

Losing weight is big business right now and there’s so much information and products out there that starting your weight loss journey can seem intimidating. Supplements, weight loss plans, exercise equipment, fat burning treatments, fad diets… the list goes on!

I believe in keeping things simple, at least to begin with, which is why I endorse a more holistic way of losing weight. This means moving your body regularly, eating natural, whole foods and following a toxic and chemical-free lifestyle.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of healthy, holistic living, you can look into other, more sexy weight loss trends. But for now, here are 20 very simple and natural ways to lose weight:

1. Eat more protein

We need protein for all aspects of our health – it’s a no-brainer. A diet rich in protein is key to losing weight and maintaining good health, skin, hair and nails. In fact, a diet high in protein can help boost metabolism by up to 100 calories per day. This is because our body naturally burns more calories when it has to digest protein.

Foods that are rich in protein are also incredibly filling, which can help suppress appetite and stop you from snacking in between meals. Start your day with a breakfast rich in protein, like scrambled eggs, with a decent amount of healthy fats and you’ll be full and happy for hours.

2. Eat more ‘whole’ foods

The term ‘whole foods’ is thrown around a lot in the health world, but what does it really mean? Whole foods are food that contain a single ingredient (no added sugars, preservatives, etc), and are completely natural and unprocessed.

By eliminating other, filler ingredients from your food you can enjoy its full health benefits without the side effects of added fats, sugars, etc. Examples of whole foods that will keep you full and keep the weight off include fresh vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and legumes.

3. Always keep a stash of healthy snacks ready

Do a quick inventory of your fridge and kitchen cupboard. If you find that it’s stocked with sweets, junk and processed food, chances are it will be difficult for you to resist the urge to snack on them. In fact, studies show that the food in your home will affect your weight and eating behaviour.

By eliminating the junk food you are also eliminating the chances of you bingeing or eating unhealthy food. I find that keeping pre-made snacks ready in my fridge and bag prevent me from wanting to eat something sugary or unhealthy. Stock your fridge and cupboards with filling, unprocessed snacks like fruits, keto granola, keto chocolate,organic coconut yoghurt, homemade bone broth, fresh veggies, nuts and hard-boiled eggs.

4. Drink more purified water

Did you know that drinking just half a litre of water could help your body burn more calories by up to 30%? Drinking enough water is a no-brainer but not everyone follows this rule. There are so many health benefits of consuming water and it can help aid weight loss by curbing cravings and keeping you full.

In fact, sometimes, we can mistake hunger for thirst. Next time you get a pang of hunger, try drinking a glass of water and see if that helps. Try drinking a glass of water half an hour before your meal and you’ll find that you’ll end up consuming fewer calories.

5. Drink one bulletproof morning coffee to help you burn fats

Swap your sugary lattes for a bulletproof coffee to help you keep the weight off. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and can help aid weight loss by burning more calories and giving you energy. It’s also known to boost metabolism and contains no calories.

Next time you need a caffeine fix try drinking a cup of black, unsweetened coffee, topped up with healthy fats such as MTC -oil, or virgin coconut oil.

My favourite chemical-free coffee-brand is the original Bullet-proof coffee by Dave Asprey.

(Note: protect your teeth from staining by drinking black coffee with a straw and also coffee is not good for everyone. There is a lot of debate about whether coffee is healthy or not. Never drink more than one a day and coffee is a no go on an anti-inflammation diet)

6. Say no to refined carbs

If your diet contains a lot of refined carbs it will be difficult for you to lose weight. Not only does it contain little or no nutrients, it can also make you pile on the pounds as it’s very easy to overeat.

Refined carbs like white flour, rice and bread, pasta, cakes and most cereals should be avoided as much as possible, if not cut out completely. I follow a grain-free diet, which has helped me keep the weight off seamlessly, as well as give me renewed energy, confidence, glow and happiness!

7. Try mini-fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a fad diet. In fact, people all over the world have been following this type of diet for centuries. It involves a pattern of fasting and eating throughout the week. The most popular method is the 5:2 diet, which restricts the number of calories you consume throughout the week. There are studies to back up these types of diets, however, I personally feel it’s a quick fix, rather than a sustainable, long-term way of dieting.

If you try mini-fast, I would recommend doing it with bone-broth.

8. Drink green tea

Loaded with antioxidants green tea has been linked to aiding weight loss and helping your body to burn more fat. Another, more powerful, type of green tea is matcha green tea, which has more potent health benefits.

9. Keep a food diary

Eating and emotions are inextricably linked, so before you begin your weight loss mission you should try and find your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is the reason for overeating, not getting enough exercise or consuming too much junk food, and is unique to everyone. Start by keeping a food diary for a week. As well as recording all the food and drink you consume, keep a note of the feelings that come before and after you eat each meal and snack. This will help you find your ‘why’ and allow you to tackle those underlying issues first. Without the right mindset, you’ll find it incredibly hard to lose weight and become healthy.

10. Eat from a small plate

A simple way to lose weight is to switch to a smaller plate so that you automatically cut down on your portion size. A small plate will mean you eat less, but with the perception that you’re eating your normal portion.


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