Avoid eating grains because it’s a form of sugar

avoid eating grains

Should you avoid eating grains?

Avoid Eating grains yes or no is a topic that raises a lot of confusion. This is because although it can appear to be a healthy option, while in fact, all you’re doing is loading your body up with another form of sugar! I loved eating grains, but after eliminating it from my diet many years ago, I found that I felt much better and less tired and depressed.

Avoid Eating grains because is playing havoc on your insulin levels

As well as playing havoc with your insulin levels, grains can lead your body to become resistant to leptin.

Master hormone leptin

Leptin is a master hormone that indicates how much energy you need to the brain, and it controls hunger and feelings of satiety. The fat tissues (adipose) secrete the leptin hormone, so in general, the more overweight a person is, the higher the leptin levels.

If your diet consists of a lot of high-carb grains, it can lead to higher levels of leptin — so much so that your body stops reacting to it and you will become leptin resistant. This condition is why you may get sudden urges and cravings to eat a high carb meal — your leptin hormone is not functioning correctly!

According to Mark’s Daily Apple: “Leptin is the lookout hormone — the gatekeeper of fat metabolism, monitoring how much energy an organism takes in. It surveys and maintains the energy balance in the body, and it regulates hunger via three pathways.”

Did you know that leptin resistance causes many health problems

Leptin resistance causes many health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, as well as blood sugar related issues, including insulin resistance.

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Here are some reasons why you should avoid eating grains

Help to eliminate processed food such as grains

Most of the grains we eat are highly refined and processed, which removes the nutrients from it. This can be very detrimental to weight loss and health as all you gain from eating them are extra calories, sugar and fat.

We all know that processed food is bad for us, but for many, it can be difficult to cut out. An easy way to do this is by beginning with grains as this is what most processed foods are made from. This includes food like corn, rice and pseudo-grains like quinoa.

Processed food also contains an extremely high amount of salt, which can lead to a whole host of health problems including hypertension.

Because processed food contains little or no nutritional benefit you will notice that they rarely leave you feeling full — instead, it will make you lethargic and hungrier. This leads to overeating and before you know it your weight has soared!

Avoid eating grains controls mood swings

First of all, one of the biggest benefits I saw from cutting out grains was the improvement in my mood and mental health. Besides, the state of your mood has a lot to do with what you eat. In fact, the correct ratio of omega 3 and 6 can help to encourage feelings of happiness. However, too much of one and too little of another can have a detrimental effect so keeping these levels balanced is essential.

In addition, grains are typically higher in omega-6, and lower in omega-3 so when you consume too many grains it can lead to unbalanced omega levels. Omega 3 is also an anti-inflammatory whereas omega 6 is a pro-inflammatory. When the two are unbalanced, it can lead to brain inflammation which is associated with depression.

DHA, a form of omega 3, also helps to create the happiness chemical dopamine. As well as helping to produce dopamine, omega 3 fatty acids are also related to the reception of dopamine as a neurotransmitter. Another chemical that impacts mood is serotonin, and low amounts of omega-3 can lead to the inability to interpret it.

Cutting out grains increases nutrition

When you cut out grains, you are allowing your body to consume more nutrients, which will aid weight loss and help you become healthier in general. Those who stop eating grains will notice that they recover faster from short-term illnesses like flu and feel more energetic and stronger.

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