Bread : a waste of all your keto efforts

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Quite a few people who accept the science behind keto or a low-carbohydrate diet as healthy, end up having problems with the practical aspect.  Bread, in general, is undoubtedly the biggest pitfall. We cannot miss our sporadic visit to the bakery.

Bread is deeply ingrained in our food culture

Bread is cheap and available on every corner of the street and breakfast or lunch prep, are prepared easily. Junk food is not an invention from the past century. It came into being thousands of years ago when humans started working with grain. Our ancestors created many types of bread by cleverly processing that grain.

For a long time, you could find a lot of nutrients in bread and it was very useful to meet your energy needs. Bread became a basic product throughout the world. Over the past century, this has led to a growing problem.

Selective cultivation of grains has increased the number of anti-nutrients. These are molecules that stop the body from absorbing nutrients.

Most commercial bread is a brew of finely ground carbohydrates, sugars, and oils. Modern wheat is a disaster for most people in many cases. Whether it is refined or not. Think of all the chemicals that are used to cultivate grains…

Keep insulin low

Mechanically refined carbohydrates transform those carbohydrates into a fuel that works great as a fertilizer. For example, we have known since 1930 that grains that feed pigs make them fatten faster. It is therefore not difficult to see them as a burn of obesity and diabetes. Processed carbohydrates cause harmful hormone reactions in the digestive system. The hormone GIP flares up. GIP is a primary trigger for the release of insulin. Insulin will peak to let you recover from increased blood sugar levels. If you also eat some fat with those carbohydrates, it is even worse.

The combination of refined carbohydrates and fats is a biochemical disaster that has made a lot of people in our society very upset. Keep fat as the healthy fuel that it must and can be, by keeping your insulin low and safe. Do not eat processed carbohydrates.

Processed carbohydrates lead to addictive behavior. As a sugar burner, your body feels a certain lack shortly after that carbohydrate-rich meal. Blood sugar rises quickly after meals and then drops sharply in the following hours, which causes a feeling of deprivation.

Bread has a greater impact than you think

Bread causes hunger. It causes an insulin peak. It messes up the intestines and stimulates the brain. It is easy to eat a large amount of bread in no time, because there seems to be no alarm bell to tell us we have had enough.

Eating bread has huge benefits in our stressy lives

Unfortunately, bread has been given a central place in our daily eating routine, especially around lunchtime. We do not only have classic bread but also wraps, bagels, crackers, pizzas and more that will keep you consuming sugars. If you remove the carbohydrate bombs, the entire structure of the lunch routine will disappear. Moreover, it is an extremely easy, fast option & ideal meal-prep in our busy lives. We are faced with a huge dilemma. We have to ignore every piece of bread to enable weight loss, metabolic health, and longevity.

What is the alternative?

Fortunately, in this article, we do not only discuss the problem, we also propose a number of solutions:

Make keto bread

There are many types of ‘safe bread’ made from almond flour, coconut flour and other types of flour that do not contain any grains. Pretty tasty. Certainly, if you alternate regularly. The internet is full of these types of low-carb alternatives.

Or view the bread substitutes that we often prepare. Try our delicious FODMAP-proof Walnutpowerbread or our gluten-free Ketobread.

Buy low-carb bread

In many stores, you will find more and more low-carb versions of bread. Not entirely ideal perhaps (that applies to all ‘substitutes’), but a very good step in the right direction if you want to make keto a success.

Eat a delicious healthy salad

Take the contents of that sandwich that you were planning to eat with your lunch, place it in a large bowl, add extra vegetables, sprinkle with oil, and before you know it you’ll have a nice, large salad.

Meal prep some healthy meatballs

For instance, Sandra Bloom’s Lamb meatballs are super delicious. I often take them with me on a long walk as a snack or in my lunchbox with some extra vegetables. Of course, there is an endless variety in meatballs. What is important is that you can prep them, so you have no fuss to make a quick lunch-pack.


Commercial bread is one of the worst things that can gradually invade your mainly healthy eating habits. Don’t let this Trojan horse undermine your efforts to lose weight or get your health back on track.

Say “no thanks!”to bread





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