Bushfire Australia

koala bear that survived bushfire in Australia

Bushfires in California, Brazil, Siberia, Australia … it’s getting worse and worse.

The prime minister of Australia has rejected calls for more help for firefighters as the New South Wales bushfire crisis is expected to worsen.
Heavy fires in the Amazon, the Siberian forests or the Australian bush affect every citizen of this earth!

We, therefore advocate the development of a global fire brigade intervention corps. This would be a perfect task for the United Nations. A lot is possible with a substantial loan from the World Bank.

It is still revengeful that there is sufficient heavy extinguishing material available on a global scale (helicopters, airplanes, etc.), but that it is now not getting to the right place, while this situation has destroyed a massive surface of nature, millions of lives of animals, and burned entire villages. Bushfires seem to appear more and more all over the world and this matter should urgently need to be coordinated globally.

If a major natural disaster (tsunami, mudslides, earthquake, etc.) happens, all kinds of international solidarity actions will start immediately and the UN will take action. When war strikes, ditto. But not much happens with forest fires. While due to climate warming and dehydration so many are still to come.

We deeply sympathize with the people and the animals in Australia

Prayers for Australia




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