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sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction– A sweet silent killer more addictive than hard drugs

Sugar addiction is a sweet silent killer that is much more addictive than hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. When I began overhauling my diet, sugar was the one thing that I found nearly impossible to give up. This wasn’t because I had an insatiable sweet tooth (I didn’t), but because it was in nearly every single item in my kitchen cupboards.
Cutting out cakes, sweets and biscuits were easy enough, but as I researched further into the ingredients of my food I was shocked to discover how many of them had a high sugar content!
‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson is a very helpful book and I would recommend reading it as it’s packed with loads of practical advice on how to stop eating sugar and I followed her tips religiously.

Sarah Wilson reversed auto-immune diseases by cutting out her sugar addiction

Wilson reversed several of her auto-immune diseases by cutting out her sugar addiction and eating a clean food diet. I’d already cut out all refined sugars many years ago, but after reading her book, I decided to be even more mindful of hidden sugar found in fruits, honey and coconut sugar.

One in four kids is pre-diabetic or diabetic… sugar addiction is on the rise

Everything we eat is laced with sugar and this is kickstart sugar addictions

The truth is that nearly EVERYTHING WE EAT IS LACED WITH SUGAR. Even supermarket meat and smoked fishes may contain sugar, although this isn’t widely known. Always look at the ingredients to ensure no sugars (sugar, glucose, fructose and so on are added. I found this really shocking once I started noticing this few years ago. I had no idea. The best approach is to buy your meat from a trusted local butcher or organic farm as you know exactly how your meat is being prepared or always look at the ingredients carefully.
Low fat epidemy, low-fat food, and more dietitians than ever before
Wilson also says in her book that the epidemic of ‘low-fat’, ‘zero-sugar’ products don’t seem to be making any difference. “We’re eating more low-fat food than ever before. More light products than ever before. More dietitians than ever before. We’re joining more gyms. More diet products than ever before. Yet we’re putting on more weight.”

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