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Homemade keto bacon asparagussaté recipe

This homemade keto bacon asparagusaté will be a hit at your party!

Homemade keto bacon asparagussaté is a recipe I love when asparagus is in season, and I am crazy about bacon all year round!

Bacon-asparagusate is a simple, delicious TWO INGREDIENT recipe and an elegant way to serve a healthy appetizer in about 10 minutes.

Ingredients for this homemade keto bacon asparagussaté recipe:

*green asparagus

*bacon slices

*sate sticks

*organic cold-pressed olive oil

Method for this homemade keto bacon asparagussaté recipe

*Clean the asparagus by cutting off about 2 cm of the bottom. It is best to put the asparagus upright in water for a few minutes; that way, they suck up water, and they become nice and crispy after preparation.

*Cut the asparagus into pieces of 3–4 cm

*Roll up the bacon, as you can see in the picture

*Add the asparagus and the bacon onto the sate-stick. (For instance, you can rotate 2 pieces of asparagus, one piece of bacon, etc.…as displayed in the picture)

*Add the filled sticks in an oven pan with baking paper, season with a little olive oil and bake in a pre-heated oven(200 °) for 10–12 minutes.

*Finish off with a little Himalayan salt or fleur de sel

ENJOY this delicious keto bacon asparagussaté tapa

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