How to make a salmon ceviche recipe for hot summer nights?

Salmon ceviche recipe for hot summer nights

Salmon ceviche recipe

I absolutely love this salmon ceviche recipe because it is a refreshing and easy summer dish.

During hot summer months, it comes as no surprise our ceviche cravings have kicked in full force.

During the summer months, our bodies crave fresh and cold foods that are lowering and refreshing our body temperature. It is definitely not the time for soups and heavy hot meals.

Aside from refreshing salads or ice-creams, is there a better way to beat the heat with fresh fish with a refreshing twist of lemon?

Ceviche recipes are, in general, easy to prepare and are a true delight to your taste buds. On top of that, it’s raw, so it’s full of nutrients and enzymes.

Get ready and dig in!

Ingredients for this salmon ceviche

• 2lbs of fresh cleaned salmon
• Fresh lemon juice
• Garlic
• Pepper
• Salt
• Red onion finely cut
• Herbs: dill, coriander, and mint finely chopped. Lemongrass will also give this dish a refreshing twist.
• Serve olive oil

Method for this salmon ceviche

1. Cut salmon into small pieces (size to your personal liking).
2. Add lemon juice (the juice of one or two lemons are perfect).
3. Add some Himalayan salt, pepper, and garlic to the mix and stir everything well.
4. Note: lemon, garlic, and salt have antibacterial properties to kill germs in the raw
fish or meat; however, you should still try always to buy your raw fish from reliable sources.
5. You can leave this to soak all day, overnight or one or two hours before serving.
6. Add the herbs and onion into the dish before serving.
7. Serve 🙂
8. Optional: Add some grain mustard and or capers to serve

PS: you can use this same recipe on different kinds of fishes like sea bass, for example

Get ready for hot summer nights and refreshing salmon ceviche.

Enjoy your meal!

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