Is the Keto Diet the only way to get into Ketosis and what are the side effects?

Today a short blog about a question that we receive regularly: Is Keto Diet the only way to get into Ketosis?
The answer is…no!

Aside from the keto diet, there are a few other ways to reach ketosis. That is why it can be used as a long-term lifestyle, cyclically or, depending on your goals, the “keto tool” can be used as an efficient fat burner.

Other examples of being in ketosis:
A baby: newborn receiving milk from the mother: this is a mild form of ketosis (due to high energy needs for growth).
Periodic fast.
Using your own glycogen by participating in high intensity sports.
Take exogenous ketones.

What are the side effects of the keto diet?

It is difficult to list the possible side effects that can be experienced when following the keto diet, as it varies from person to person, depending on their health. Asking if going keto is unhealthy would be similar to asking about the side effects of a diet for an omnivore whose calorie intake is from fresh foods (animals, nuts, fruits, and vegetables). How would you react?
You’d think they’d be crazy for asking, because everyone knows that eating vegetables is good for you. Why would there be anything wrong with that? Similarly, the keto diet is (generally) based on fresh, healthy foods. In other words, it’s evolutionarily consistent. Just like an omnivore’s diet!

Remember that every diet can be followed and executed incorrectly!
Listening to your body and mind is the most important thing.

In our next blog we will tell you more about the Keto Flu, one of the things you can experience during your Ketojourney!
So, stay tuned.

See you then!



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