For us, “going keto clean” is more than a diet. It is a long term approach to a healthy, clean and mindful lifestyle. It is a way of life that provides optimal energy, a good sleep, a clear mind and a boosted psyche throughout the day.

The basis of Ketocosm is extremely simple!

  • Lots of vegetables
  • Alternate meat and fish (in small portions, so go ahead in discovering vegan and vegetarian options like we do!)
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Healthy fats

If you already live and eat healthy, going clean keto will be a small extra step. The name Keto is derived from the delicate metabolic state called ketosis, which can be achieved by eating an extremely low amount of carbohydrates, a moderate portion of protein, and plenty of healthy fats within your macronutrients. Ketosis is a natural “defense system” that prevents starvation (for example, our ancestors did not have permanent access to food and needed a way to fall back on to reserves stored in your body). When your body goes into ketosis, it produces ketones, which then promote the burning of body fat.

Your lifestyle will only be truly keto when your fat intake is high enough to cause a shift in metabolism.
The fats will be transformed into ketone bodies, instead of being oxidized to a form of cellular energy called ATP.
Like fats, these ketone bodies (or ketones) can also be oxidized to produce ATP.
A high intake of healthy fats (with a moderate amount of calories) will cause the metabolic shift known as ‘‘ketosis’’.

What do I need to consume?

There are no specific foods that you must eat to comply with the keto diet. If you like to eat meat, that’s fine, but you can also eat so that your calories come primarily from plant-based foods. Choose a keto diet that suits you and your specific needs.

Starting a Keto LifeStyle can be challenging but did you know that we are certified Keto Coaches (by Dr. Berg)?
We guide you step by step in taking healthy actions to create a vibrant and healthy lifestyle and talk more about Keto in general.
We are convinced, that by giving you more depth and insight, you intrinsic motivation will be triggered!

In the upcoming blogs we will guide you in an easy way through the many secrets of Keto.
We will be sharing easy recipes and so much more!

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