As we posted recently, every morning we start our day with Oil pulling and that is not all!
We also do our tongue scraping every morning.
Say what? Yep, you have read it right!


Following Ayurvedic health teachings, it is recommended to remove “ama” on the tongue daily, because “ama” (toxic waste) comes out through the tongue. If you don’t take it away, it goes back into your digestive system and that’s not good for your health.


  • Use the tongue scraper daily before eating and/or drinking, so it is best right after getting up.
  • Start scraping all the way from the back of the tongue to the front, this for several times. Normally you’ll see the first 3 times “ama” on your tongue scraper and that is good! Know that your type of food also determines this, so eating healthy will cause less toxic waste.
  • If you have the intention to vomit, exhale while scraping.
  • Clean the tongue scraper under cold water.
  • Clean your mouth with water or do oil pulling afterwards.


  • Fresh breath.
  • Better taste.
  • Better digestive system? The cleaner your mouth, the better you can taste your food and the better digestion.
  • Less plaque: The dirtier your tongue is, the more plaque will get on your teeth. And that not only leads to bad breath, but also tooth decay!
  • General health: According to many studies, poor oral hygiene is linked to many other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and even infertility.


You can buy plastic or copper tongue scrapers. For hygienic I recommend copper. Why?
The metal has a very good effect on the release of the “ama”. Scratches on a plastic scraper come from daily use, stay on your scraper and you just don’t want that because the microbes can enter the little scratches. There is also enough plastic already in the world and copper lasts much longer. The copper version is also more affordable and durable.

Are you already for some tongue scraping?
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