Non-toxic Essential oil DIY toothpaste

diy toothpaste essential oils

2 min to prep, easy, toxin-free and sanitizing DIY essential oil toothpaste recipe

This essential oil DIY toothpaste is my favorite dental care product.

I always try to use products that are non-toxic and easy DIY. Eliminating toxic chemicals was a huge part of my health recovery and I love sharing these recipes with you.

Essential oils for this natural DIY toothpaste

Peppermint, Tea Tree, lemon drops, cinnamon and clove (mix the essential oils you want to use before mixing in the carrier oil, as this improves the synergy of the oils).

Natural toothpaste ingredients:

*3 tbsp baking soda
*1 or 2 tsp finely ground Himalayan pink salt
*Add a few of your favorite organic essential oils

Optional ingredients for this natural toothpaste:

Charcoal or organic neem oil. Despite its pungent smell neem oil has incredible healing and cleansing properties, making it ideal for oral hygiene. Just remember to use it sparingly!

Mouthwashes containing Neem

According to studies, neem makes a great addition to natural mouthwashes as it helps inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, which could reduce the risk of gum disease. Another study revealed that neem mouthwashes can reduce plaque and gingivitis. Dr. Linda Page, the author of the book Healthy Healing, also states that neem oil is commonly added to natural toothpaste as a purifier and as an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent dental diseases. also reaffirms that neem twigs and neem oil may effectively lower the count of microorganisms responsible for dental diseases.

Do you want to check out the method for this DIY toothpaste recipe?

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