What exactly is scaffold wood?

What is scaffold wood?

I regularly get the question about what kind of wood scaffolding wood really is. So, therefore, some more information about the scaffolding wood that I use for my scaffolding wood furniture.

Scaffolding wood is coarse sawn pine that is used in construction. (On Aruba you hardly see it or hardly see it and it is certainly not the wood that is used for the jetties in the harbor!) The construction workers and painters use these boards to do their work at height. The length of the wooden planks varies from 2 to 5 meters, about 19.5 cm wide and 3 cm thick. Because the scaffolding wooden planks have weathered wind and weather they get the weathered and tough look.

Spruce comes from a larch tree. This tree is found throughout Northern Europe, Northern Asia, Japan and the North American continent.
The wood looks a bit like pine, is slightly darker and much harder and heavier than pine. It is also more durable and stronger: Larch is a great substitute for many tropical kinds of wood and that, in turn, is more environmentally conscious. Because the scaffolding planks are used outside, they become weather-resistant and the lubrication of cement and other substances on these planks gives the wood a kind of impregnation so that the planks remain beautiful in color.

Scaffolding wood is difficult to process because scaffolding wood planks have different thicknesses. And that is exactly the beauty: every scaffolding wooden piece of furniture gets its authentic look. The scaffolding wood has a soft fiber, so it is not too bad when it comes to splinters. In addition, we sand the scaffolding wood well, making it shatterproof.
The old scaffolding board is very suitable for outdoor use and has a nice feature that it is dry again after a good rain shower. This is in contrast to many types of hardwood.

All in all, a piece of furniture made from old scaffolding wood is a wonderful recycled product, with a robust and unique appearance and that can take a beating!



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