Why we should have an outside kitchen

Driesco outside kitchen

Outdoor living at the Costa Del Sol covers an average of 9 months a year. In these months we want to live outside and be active as often and as often as possible. Eating outside is definitely part of that. In general, we think eating outside equals barbecuing, but with an outdoor kitchen you can do much more than that and you can quickly increase the outdoor life by several weeks.

There are all kinds of varieties and variants for sale that facilitate this new form of outdoor living, starting with a fairly simple version with grill section to the most luxurious versions, where even built-in refrigerators and wine coolers are possible.

However, an outdoor kitchen can also easily be built by yourself. The basis can already be a simple “potting table” that can be purchased at almost any garden center. With small adjustments, a work surface is created on this table with sufficient space for a small cooking area or barbecue. An extra shelf above it provides space for cutlery, plates and a bottle of wine. A sturdy outdoor kitchen can also be creatively made with stones or (remaining) tiles from the garden. You can also easily replace a kitchen faucet yourself because you have more space outside than inside.

An outdoor kitchen is, therefore, a great asset to everything that today’s outdoor life has to offer. Even if you have a smaller garden, there are many advantages to making an outdoor kitchen – because it is also nice to eat an autumn soup that you have made yourself on your outdoor kitchen with a thick sweater.




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