Looking for Holistic Yoga Retreats with horses?

At this moment we are brainstorming for you!
But for now already some information below.

We help you to discover together how you can find and preserve peace and happiness.
Learning to live life to the fullest!

Through horses, yoga, and many other things you’ll learn to understand your own behavior.
Moreover, we teach you about living healthy and discovering:
“What does your body tell you and what does
your mind tell you?”

Daily yoga with horses

You will discover how you can use the energy and the body of the horse to experience more relaxation and connection with yourself and the horse!

Horse Riding

Daily outrides or horse riding lessons from 1 hour (more on demand)


An amazing service, a beautiful Boho Shop and Blissful experience!
During our journey in finding unique locations, we discovered  Casa Tammies, located in the old town of Estepona at only a few meters from the beautiful sandy beach, Playa Rada, and in the midst of numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and so much more!


During the retreat you can choose to join different workshops like:
Yoga for more Happinez
Making natural body products
Painting terracotta pots
Afro-Brazilian dances
More info soon!


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How do I succeed?

Questions already covered:

Are the yoga session for all levels?
Yes! For us it is important that everyone can join!

I have no experience with horses? Can I join?
Of course you can!
We guide you with knowing the horses by holistic ways (sounds amazing right)
and workshops, so no need to worry about that!

Do I need to provide something?
If you can provide your own Yogamat, that would be great!
If not, no worries, we will provide you with one!


We speak Spanish, English, French, or Dutch


Nestled in the hills of Estepona, at the foot of the Sierra Bermeja, we offer an experience rich in fun, friendship, learning and adventure.
Nearby you have the beautiful village Estepona with amazing bars, shops and fun activities.
The beach is nearby to relax and enjoy the true Spanish Culture!

Our sessions can be provided in Spanish, English, French, and Dutch.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

About us…

Tania, the coachTen years ago, I had my first combat with cancer. That is when I had my first encounter with an orthomolecular doctor. That is where I started to change my food habits drastically, and where I developed a huge passion for real & natural food.

Under the supervision of an expert, I learned, that low carb was not enough to be healthy… I would also need fat…healthy fat. And here was how I was introduced to the ketogenic & pure-food-diet.

Driven by my passion for health and nutrition, I started experimenting with easy keto dishes that are healthy and delicious for the whole family. I went back to college and became a certified nutrition consultant. Because I felt the benefits of a healthy diet, despite my illness, I started studying about the ketogenic diet even more. I did the training of Dr. Berg, Keto & Intermittent fasting coach, and have also delved into literature about the relationship between diet and cancer and other chronic diseases.

I also specialized in hormones and hormone imbalance. In total, I learned how I can assist people who suffer a  chronic disease with a healthy diet and healthy habits, of course, next to the conventional treatment by a doctor.
Like no other, I know the pitfalls of diet failure. As a full-time working mother, it is not always easy to stay on the diet train. Unfortunately, unhealthy food is often quick and easy.

As I said before, I have a long history of illness and a lifelong battle against weight. While experiencing every diet humanity has discovered, I always ended up being a jo-jo-girl.

The target of our program is to enjoy life as much as possible while appreciating delicious, healthy food.  The pure food ketogenic lifestyle is not just about losing weight.  It is so much more!
The pure ketogenic diet will also help you to restore your hormone balance, reinvigorate your energy levels, and will aid in disease prevention.

The ketogenic lifestyle is life-changing!

Countless people have joined our program and we hope I can inspire you
as well.

Certified nutritionist

Certified Dr. Berg Coach

Coaching in English-Dutch-French-Spanish





An (online) creative, inquiring, chaotic, energetic, powerful,
intuitive and complex yoga teacher living in Belgium.


I support curious people in their path to a Deep Loving
Connection with oneself this by giving Holistic (online) yogaclasses,
workshops, retreats and so much more!

My teachings are raw, inquiring, discovering, gentle, loving and sharply intuitive coming from the source of the teachings of nature and life.
Focused on (self) acceptance, (self) respect, self love & honoring yourself.
Because I am deeply rooted in working from love, my teachings reflect this and encourage individuals to process & (re)discover the experiences they receive during the practice.


Support people reach their highest potential through compassion, self-love, holistic healing, transformation and growth.
To live a healthier, more conscious and vital life.

I look forward to sharing the truth & joy that life’s lessons bring me.
I can not wait to meet you!

Certified Yoga Yin & Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Moonologer

Teaching in English-Dutch-Spanish

Experience and explore our beautiful Yoga Retreats!
Stay tuned!

Various workshops –¬†Surrounded by beautiful nature –¬†Nearby the beautiful Estepona, Spain

Holistic approach –¬†Horse Riding – Yoga

Personal approach

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