grated cheese

Ketocosmo Cauliflower Croquette

cauliflower croquette

These Ketocosmo Cauliflower Croquettes will be the hit of your party! When you have made the cauliflower mash recipe, you can vary in taste endlessly with these croquettes. You can add extra cheese, ham, bacon, salmon ... They look good, are delicious and 100% keto-proof Enjoy this little tapa! Love...

Ketocosmo Cauliflower Mash Gratin

gratin of mashed potatoes

This Cauliflower Mash  Gratin is unbelievably smooth and creamy and delicious! Everyone in my family eats this instead of potato mash gratin. The first time I made this dish, I was surprised by the full taste. You can vary endlessly with taste. Most of the time I like to flavor...

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