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Personal guidance fitted to your needs with a nutrition and lifestyle plan correctly adjusted to your body, your personality, your family situation, and the goals you want to achieve.

A plan you can maintain

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Accurate calculation according to your personal needs and fitted to your body and the final goal you have in mind

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Not only during the fixed appointments, but also in between you can ask questions and count on the necessary support and motivation. You can send your inquiries to our online chatbox, or via our Whatsapp, and we will answer as soon as we can.

Why Keto & IF Coaching?

A new lifestyle is not a switch that you make overnight. It is important to prepare & inform yourself, set goals, and give your body and mind the chance to adjust and recover from any damage previously caused. Your health issue did not just happen overnight, neither will it get solved in one day.

Achievable goals


Together we set your goal and map out the ideal path.

All you need to know about Keto & Intermittent Fasting

we have all the information you need

Scientifically substantiated information, tools, tips, tricks, and the latest developments in the field of keto.

You will adore the recipes in our week planning

We teach you how to make a meal plan, provide you with easy meal prepping tips and give you full access to all our recipes

How do I succeed?


Goals set-up

Step-by-step plan

Regular evaluation

Modification when necessary

Non-stop online support


Maybe our coaching is not fit for you

If you do not speak Spanish, English, French, or Dutch, I am afraid I can not coach you.  However in that case I can do my very best to recommend you to someone who can.

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At Holisticdelsol we take great pride in the exceptional and personal service we give to each of our clients.
Our health firm in Estepona offers its services throughout the Costa del Sol, and worldwide online.

All our sessions can take place via Zoom or Whatsapp.

About your Coach

Tania, the coachTen years ago, I had my first combat with cancer. That is when I had my first encounter with an orthomolecular doctor. That is where I started to change my food habits drastically, and where I developed a huge passion for real & natural food.

Under the supervision of an expert, I learned, that low carb was not enough to be healthy… I would also need fat…healthy fat. And here was how I was introduced to the ketogenic & pure-food-diet.

Certified nutritionist

Certified Dr. Berg Coach

Coaching in English-Dutch-French-Spanish

Many coaching projects for both beginner as advanced level.

Various coaching options – One-on-one / family / group – Personalized step-by-step plan

Weekly / monthly evaluation – Adjustments where necessary

Non-stop support and online support

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