Everything is temporary

Everything is temporary

There is a nice quote which says ‘Everything is temporary, emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not become too attached. Just flow with it.’ I strongly believe that when you in your life can master this saying, you will be a very happy person. And of course, also the people around you will benefit from this state of mind.

Yes, we all know that everything is temporary but still we find it very hard to live by this knowing. The most common thing that keeps people away from acting towards this believe is not fully understanding that we are in control of our emotions. Not understanding that emotions are not controlling us. Even though it looks that way for many of us and most of the times. Our thoughts which are going with our emotions are temporary and controllable.

If we can separate the emotion from our thinking, from our brain and literally just look at the emotion from a distance, in a way examen it rationally, then we have a wonderful opportunity to see and feel that those emotions are not here to stay. It is not as easy as said but on the other hand, it can be done. And for those who know how to handle this, there is a more peaceful life ahead.

An example of how to do it. Next time you feel an emotion use your brain to look at the emotion and ask yourself what kind it is. Look at the emotion from a distance. If it is fear, in this case, ask yourself where this fear is coming from. Because fear on its own does not really exist. With our brain, we make something fearful. It comes from our past. What we have learned, experienced. Look at little children. They have no fear. We as adults bring fear into their minds. Because we want to protect them. Maybe overprotect them. Our parents brought fear into our minds. We can if we want to handle fear. Look differently towards it. Experience it differently. Even learn how not to accept it and let it go. We can control fear and make it something temporary.

Another quote says ‘Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, do not worry. It can not last forever either.’ So dear friend, love life, now at this present moment. This is the moment that really exists. Enjoy it with a big smile on your face.


Joris Plu

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