Spring is in the air


Spring! We all love this word so much!

There is a quote that says: ‘Spring is when life is alive in everything.’ And that is so true. The beauty of it is that spring comes back to us every year and has for many centuries. How fantastic.

Sometimes it changes a little but it will always make us all – people, animals, plants, trees etcetera – very happy.

It is the season of new life, of birth and rebirth, of sun and outdoor activities, of holidays and making new plans, of positivity and smiles and so much more.

Spring is life, our planet’s way of giving us a new chance and showing us how beautiful she is.

And even when we know that the spring season will end after three months. we also know since the moment we are on this planet that it will come again next year and the year after.

Where am I heading? Seasons are like life in general, changing all the time. And everything is temporary.

We have already had many springs in our lives, many wonderful, loving, fun, joyful moments. Those are in our heart and memories forever, they are part of us, of who we are, think and act.

So, just an idea, but next time you feel a little like winter (although winter can also be a fantastic season of course), meaning when you feel down or not so well, think about the fact that you always carry ‘spring thoughts’ inside of you, in your heart, soul, and memories.

Know this, understand this and tell yourself that less positive things as they are happening to you can be overruled by spring-thoughts immediately. You as a human being can decide this change at any moment in time. And even when is hard to do sometimes… remember that as the seasons it is all temporary and spring will eventually come back into your life.

Now and always, enjoy this wonderful season, every day. Like Anne Bradstreet used to say ‘If we had no winter, spring would not be so pleasant.’

Joris Plu – Marbella / Malaga

Life, Relationship and

Business Coach

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