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Xsensible Stretchwalker

How could we make our shoes even more comfortable? We found the answer to this question in Japan, where people have been wearing a special sandal for centuries: the ‘Ippon-ba geta’. This traditional wooden sandal promotes a natural body posture, resulting in less pressure on joints.

Unique balance point

The Japanese inventor Tetsuya Nosaka was the first to realize that the ancient Japanese sandal concept could be translated into a modern shoe. Together with him, we developed the Xsensible Stretchwalker: a stylish shoe with a unique balance point in the middle of the sole. This balance point ensures optimal balance and a natural, healthy body posture.

Worldwide success

The Xsensible Stretchwalker has been an enormous success worldwide. Not only in the Netherlands but also in many other European countries and Asia. Stretchwalkers are now available in more than 60 large shopping centres throughout Japan.

Experience it for yourself!

Stretchwalker is a shoe that will make you happy. Thanks to the ultimate combination of balance and support, no more stiff, sore or tired feet. Many different models are available, all fitted with Xsensible Inside®, our patented stretch-leather technology. Walking has never been so enjoyable. Experience it for yourself!

Our mission

Every foot is unique. And each foot belongs to an individual with their own style and taste. We design shoes specifically for that person who only wants the very best for their feet. Shoes that exude craftsmanship, the ultimate comfort and style.
All of our shoes feel like a second skin, are available in various widths, and have a removable inner footbed. They are, of course, also suitable for people with problematic or sensitive feet because that has been our mission since 1904: to develop the world’s most comfortable shoes!


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