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a lot of people struggle with weight loss

New Year is almost there, and I know many women have decided to lose weight this year. More than 50% of women over 45 struggle with being overweight. ” I eat less and exercise more, but I don’t lose weight anymore!” is a line I hear often and a quote that could have been mine as well.

Focus on energy, not weight

Everyone who wants to lose weight needs to focus on getting more energy, not losing weight. When you focus your energy level, you will automatically be improving your health. When your energy level rises, you are on the right track! Losing weight does not always mean that you are living a healthy life. A lot of people become burned out trying to lose weight. Focus on getting healthy, then losing weight will almost always follow naturally.

There are many reasons why we have trouble losing weight

So far, medicine tells us to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. It is certainly not that simple. Losing weight is a complex process because our body is an extremely complex organism, and everybody is unique.

A few reasons why we have trouble losing weight :

  • Bad bacteria in your intestines have gained the upper hand
  • Your pancreas  makes too much insulin
  • Your liver has difficulty detoxing and removing hormone-disrupting substances that are stored in your fat cells.
  • Your metabolism is in survival mode and stores as much fat as possible due to your diet history.
  • Your body lacks some important nutrients such as magnesium and zinc to burn fats.
  • You use medicines that make it difficult to lose weight
  • You do not lose weight because you constantly burn your body on glucose instead of fats.

Many of these causes will disappear when you switch your metabolism from a glucose burning to a fat-burning machine.

Global truth about weight loss is a myth.

When it comes to losing weight, we have all come to believe in the myth that eating fat makes us fat. I have believed it for years!

From the 1950s onwards, we have banned fats, and as humanity, we are now fatter, burned-out and sicker than ever. Obesity takes extreme forms, and cardiovascular diseases are still the number 1 cause of death. Type 2 diabetes is called a global epidemic, and more and more people are struggling with chronic diseases. How is this possible? This is because we get fat and sick from eating healthy fats is a myth. It is nonsense.

Your body has a natural fat-burning modus.

Studies revealed that the body could burn unprecedented amounts of fat. The fat we eat is largely burned and used as energy: our body has a natural tendency to burn fats.

The body can make energy from carbohydrates and fats that you eat. Burning fats, however, is a much “cleaner” process that produces far fewer free radicals. Free radicals are fundaments for chronic inflammations, which cause chronic diseases. Furthermore, your body can make more than twice as much energy from a fat molecule as a glucose molecule. Glucose molecules are developed as soon as your body ingests sweets or carbohydrates.

Your body has a limited capacity to burn glucose.

Our own fat cells are the natural storage place for an overdose of (eaten) energy: your body likes to convert them into energy when necessary. However, fat cells are not filled because we eat too many fats but eat too many carbohydrates (especially sweets). Research revealed that it is the carbohydrates that are largely stored as fat in our fat cells.

Carbohydrates make us fat and tired.

Your fat cells will grow in number and size if you eat too many sweets and carbohydrates.

Why does your body not switch to burning fat if it is so keen to use fats as energy?

This is because 95% of people are glucose burners: people who constantly burn their bodies and glucose stoves. They eat carbohydrates such as bread, sweets, crackers, dairy, grains, pseudocereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, legumes, ready-to-eat desserts and all sorts of processed foods with secretly hidden sugars.

Fats are avoided because they are supposed to make us fat. Of course, not all fats are healthy: it is important to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats.

Glucose molecules are papers, and fats are wood logs.

If the body is offered sweets and carbohydrates several times a day, it does not switch to burning fat. If you put logs and newspapers on your stove, but you keep adding newspapers, the stove will barely burn the logs. Newspapers burn faster and easier than logs. Burning newspapers over and over again makes your stove black with ink and soot. The same thing happens in your body: getting your energy from sweets and carbohydrates time and again causes overweight and diabetes 2, cardiovascular diseases, and many more chronic conditions.

From glucose burner to fat burner

People struggle with their energy level and weight because they largely burn their bodies on glucose. Eating many sweets and carbohydrates and not enough healthy fats is one of the main reasons that so many people are so tired and struggle with obesity.

How do you become a fat-burner?

There are two ways. One way is to stop eating. Your body will then (quite literally) attract your fat cells out of body preservation.  Another way is to eat much fewer sweets and carbohydrates, put your fear of healthy fats overboard, and consume more healthy fats!

Advantages of being a fat burner

For decades I was a glucose burner, a sugar junkie, and now a good fat burner. My energy levels are high, and I have a clear focus and most important: I got rid of my illness!

Some advantages you will experience when you have become a fat-burner :

  • You will not be hungry between meals
  • Easily manage a few hours without meals
  • You will be Happier and get a better mood
  • More energy
  • Less chance of chronic diseases
  • Better mental performance
  • You will get active
  • You will lose excess weight

Are you glucose or a fat burner? What do you think?

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