Lemon for weightloss

Nutritionists all use lemon frequently.

Lemons got their first claim to fame as a medicinal remedy when it was discovered that their high Vitamin C content helped prevent scurvy. Although scurvy is no longer such a major concern, Vitamin C’s innumerable benefits are still useful for our immune system and skin health in particular.
If the Vitamin C content isn’t enough to sell you on them, lemons also contain a unique combination of flavonoids, making them high in antioxidants, which is fantastic for boosting heart health. They also aid digestion by stimulating bile production, help stabilize blood sugar, act as a mild diuretic to flush out toxins, and help keep weight off thanks to pectin, a soluble fibre that keeps you full and fights diabetes.  And for less than a euro for one lemon, why wouldn’t you make this a part of your daily routine?
Before going further, let’s clear up any concern about possible enamel damage from consuming lemon and lemon juice. As long as you’re not using it like mouthwash, your teeth will not suffer!


Looking to lose a few pounds or burn body fat? Time to stock up on lemons. Thanks to their polyphenol content, lemons directly assist in fat-burning activity by improving insulin resistance and affecting how efficiently your body metabolizes fat.  High in pectin fibre, lemons also give a feeling of fullness and help fight pesky hunger cravings.
Often, the trick to successful weight loss is to manage the little things. Breaking bad habits like eating at the wrong times or snacking on foods that skyrocket your blood sugar can usually be the most difficult thing to overcome, even while the rest of your lifestyle and diet is changing for the better. Luckily, there’s lemon to the rescue!

Lemons can help reduce insulin resistance, which is not only fantastic news for people with diabetes but means lemon juice can help anyone cut down on between-meal cravings and help prevent accidental overheating by balancing blood sugar levels. Just put 2 spoons of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it about half an hour before your meal; it will help you control your insulin resistance.

Lemon juice is also a natural diuretic, making it a useful tool for fighting the feeling of bloating and excess water weight. Diuretics stimulate urination and will ultimately help you expel extra water stored around your body as you pee. Drink the juice of a quarter lemon every morning

Also, you can drink this Sandra Bloom recipe during the day to detox your body :

Lemon water recipe I love

During the day, I like to have something really refreshing available that isn’t just plain water. This lemon water  is
also a great all-year-round detoxifier.

Health benefits of lemon water

This lemon water drink isn’t only a great detoxifier, it’s also inexpensive, keeps skin glowing, is beneficial to our digestions, is full of vitamin C, and it’s great to keep your weight stable.
Say Whaaat!?

I really love this delish healthy treat that has so many health benefits for my body!

Ingredients for this lemon water

• Purified water
• Two lemons
• 2 drops lemon essential oil
• 2 drops peppermint essential oil
• Fresh thyme, mint, and fresh peeled ginger
• Optional: Cucumber slices

 Method for this lemon water

1. Mix the essential oils.
2. Take some filtered water and add two sliced up lemons.
3. Add fresh thyme and mint and peel and add ginger.
4. Leave to soak overnight or one day. I find that the longer it is soaked, the better the taste becomes.
5. I drink this water all the time – it’s not only tasty, but it’s also a great way to detox your body and can replace
your usual sugary lemonade. Children will love it too!
6. You can also add a small touch of this water to your protein shake. It gives such a wonderful aroma.
7. Try it out; I’m sure you will love it!

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