What are the most common Yoga styles?

In the last blog we gave you more information about what yoga actually is!
Today we are going to make journey towards the 3 most known styles.
But of course not everyone knows what they mean so for today….let’s take a look.


“Amalgamation of 2 opposing energies, consciousness…”

In the name Hatha, the Sanskrit words Ha (sun) and Tha (moon) come together. The sun stands for action, the moon for internalization. In Hatha yoga those opposing energies come together. By bringing your concentration and breathing to points in the body, you bring awareness there.

Hatha is a movement without an obvious founder or gurus, which makes it very open.
Each posture consists of four “moments”:

  • Preparation: in a calm, neutral attitude you try to be in the here and now.
  • Adopt: in a smooth, natural way, you move to the pose without forcing. Physical performance is not important.
  • Persistence: When you breathe for some time, you stay in the pose and spread the tension over your muscles.
  • Perception: in a resting position you examine the effect of the posture.

Usually you take asanas several times. That way, the posture becomes yours and it’s easier to fully focus on it, something called muscle memory!

Something for you?
Ideal for beginners or people with injuries.

What does a lesson look like?
Poses hold 5 – 15 breaths so you can connect yourself even more with the effect of the poses.
We gradually build up through sitting poses, then switch to standing poses and then close with sitting or lying poses.


“Now, this moment, stretch, land in your body.”

Stimulates connective tissue such as ligaments and cartilage, important to maintain maximum freedom of movement in the joints. Gives time to feel every aspect of the body. In the moment, in your body, in space and in your feeling. Stimulates meridians and organs and prepares the mind for meditation.

The effect is a smoother, energetically stable and stronger body. A perfect complement to the yang styles.

Something for you?
Do you want to feel more in peace and more relaxed?
Then this is the ideal class for you.
The idea of ​​stretching your body is included!
Top athletes, desk seekers and very active people benefit from this wonderful yoga form.

What does a lesson look like?
Positions are held longer (3-5 min), more time to explore and push boundaries.
You don’t use your body to get into a pose, but you use the pose to land into the body.
You use yogaprops (blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks) to deepen the pose and to create more safety.


“Fun, playful, deepening and insight into yourself.”

A continuous flow of movements, a dance of breathing. Spicy, non-stop…Your breath flows from one to the other along with another posture. Continuous variation, challenge, no fixed series but always something to look forward to.

Something for you?
Vinyasa Yoga requires a lot of effort and you will use muscles you never knew existed.
If you have injuries or have no experience with yoga at all, it is better to start with a different form of yoga.
But, if you like it to burn a bit…then this is the action for you!

What does a lesson look like?
Vinyasa Yoga is intensive but accessible. Each pose is a preparation for the other, you stretch deeper and deeper and you can push your limits. It looks like a dance that you are making on the rhythm of your breath!

Do you practice already one of this styles?
Let us know by leaving a comment!

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