“Yoga is the control of the mind so that it does not assume any form.”

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “unity” or “to bring together”.
Yoga originated in India over 4000 years ago. It was a way to reach a deep state of meditation.
In fact, not much has changed in 4,000 years, for even now that is the core of yoga.

Changes in relation to the past are certainly also present. Unlike in the past, the unity of body and mind is mainly sought (and found) in a combination of breathing, speed and concentration.


Yoga teaches our body and mind, and to balance mind and consciousness. The exercises (Asanas) provide strength and energy and provide an overall sense of relaxation. Especially in our hectic 21st century is a good way to rest and relax. No wonder yoga has been so popular in recent years.


Anyone who practices yoga at any level will be changed in his or her state of mind. You make sure that your mind is more balanced and your pressure less processed.


That yoga is mainly about doing exercises and sometimes not the idea of ​​exercises.
It’s true. Of course, there are many asanas that require the necessary strength and dexterity, but eventually those who start with yoga will find that most of the classical yoga exercises are fairly easy to perform.


Yoga is for everyone. For children, for young people, pregnant women, adults and the elderly. Everybody does it. All over the world. And do you know why? Yoga works!

So enough reasons to practice it.

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